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ITOO Rotomolding Technology is one of the most professional designer and manufacturer in the rotomolded cooler and fishing kayaks. We offer a full solution for the roto-molding project. In that meantime, we have consistently pushed the boundaries of the fishing kayak and rotomolded cooler design and innovation. At the same time, Ensuring the highest quality standards are kept too. All kayaks are manufactured using industry leading roto-molding technologies. This allows us to offer bespoke customization on all kayaks. We keep the tightest quality control measures and offer the highest standard of customer service. Our main products: roto-molding machine & mold, cooler box, kayak, air inlet, water tower, Military box, pets house, septic tank, float bowl, roto-molding furniture, lampshade, and some other customized PE plastic products….[view more!]

Best Rotomolded Coolers for Your Kayaking Journey

A good rotomolded cooler that can keep food and beverages cold for hours or even days in the sweltering heat is essential for camping excursions and extended beach days. Considerations for Choosing the Best Rotomolded Cooler When looking for a rotomolded cooler, one of the most critical considerations is how long the cooler can keep ice frozen. … Continue reading Best Rotomolded Coolers for Your Kayaking Journey

Health Boons of Kayaking and Canoeing

Both canoeing and kayaking, you move a small vessel across the water by paddling. Your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness can be increased by low-impact exercises. Kayaking and canoeing are enjoyable pastimes, competitive sports, and vacation activities. On rivers, lakes, and the ocean, you can paddle on pedal kayak. What separates a canoe from a kayak? … Continue reading Health Boons of Kayaking and Canoeing